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NOTE: Dear online fellow traveller, I hope that some content of these pages proved to be useful to you. However, as my professional workload increases and with aging my energy decreases, I would like to make you aware that the support for this pages may become haphazard and sluggish. This site has not been updated in many years but I will keep it open, as especially the CoCa software seem to be enjoying some following. i will also try to answer all inquiries as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Please be aware that the dohm.com.au domain won't be re-newed after 28 October 2021. Thus, the CoCa software will not be updated (it hasn't been for quite a while, anyway) and available anymore. If you plan to keep using it, please make a backup copy.

I wanted to thank all people who found these pages useful, and all those that contributed to the development of CoCa.


Andrew Long

DOHM was originally conceived at the National Library of Australia. The NLA recognised that small institutions and organisations often encounter great difficulties in setting up digitisation programs of their own. The most obvious obstacles were the initial costs and trying to acquire the knowledge required to run a successful program.

To help with these difficulties, NLA explored possible alternatives and in due course developed a basic training program in digital copying and archiving of still images. The objective of the program was to provide participants with practical skills to capture, manage, preserve and provide access to digital images. The course's aim was to teach best digitisation techniques and practices using the least expensive options currently available. DOHM Training Materials were made available for download at no cost and were licensed by the National Library of Australia under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence. Following development of the program, many very successful workshops were held at various institutions across Australia and overseas.

Studio setup


Studio setup

Behind creation of the DOHM project were number of people from the National Library. The principal developer, coordinator and trainer was Andrew Stawowczyk Long (Andrzej Stawowczyk) who after retiring from the NLA in early 2011, decided to continue his work with the project, keeping it alive and up to date on his personal web server. The result is this website. It aims to provide professional advice to anyone involved with digitisation and digital preservation. It is based on the original DOHM project and has been created with the National Library's consent.

To learn more about the history of DOHM and Andrew go to the ABOUT page.